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Opening the Door to the Lost Mayan World

 Global Community Fellowship Missions

You and your congregation have an unprecedented opportunity to become involved in missions on a truly global scale as you partner with Community Fellowship Missions. Thousands of people around the world are coming to a saving faith in Jesus Christ as short-term volunteer mission teams are going and giving .Yet the stark reality remains: 1.7 billion people still have little or no access to the gospel message. People from all over the world are coming to the Riviera Maya of Mexico. We need your help as we make a global impact. You can come to the Riviera Maya and join us on mission as we reach out in love to three very different people groups. The local Mayan speakers, the Mexican Spanish speakers, and the Internationals living and working in the area.

We need your help!

Who We Are

We are a group of believers in Jesus Christ who have been called to bring the story of the Bible to the Mayan speaking people living in this part of Mexico. We are painting our wall with the stories of the bible. We are also using augmented reality Technology so that you can point your phone at the wall and hear the message of the story of the Bible in Mayan or Spanish. We need mission teams,  if you can bring the team to help please contact Pastor Douglas



Making A Difference

XLB park is a tool to help people Restore broken relationships

  Come and help us teach a Mayan child to swim

Cook stove project

For thousands of years the women of Chan Chen cooked on three-stone fires inside their one-room palapa homes leading to excessive smoke inhalation being the leading cause of death in Mayan children under the age of five, according to the World Health Organization. Children and adults being terribly burned due to falling into the fire.Having over two times the safe level of carbon monoxide gas in their living environment.Spending hours daily gathering wood to burn. We have found a durable stove that minimizes smoke and burns and reduces wood use by 70% while maintaining traditional Mayan cooking methods.The ONIL StoveBlack soot covering their living space.High rates of Acute Respirator Infections.We have found a durable stove that minimizes smoke and burns and reduces wood use by 70% while maintaining traditional Mayan cooking methods. The ONIL Stove The fire is contained in a clay-fired firebox in an insulated, durable stove that sits off the floor, thus minimizing the risk of burns Vented by a galvanized steel chimney, the stove uses an efficient burning technology, and virtually eliminates smoke and deadly carbon monoxide in the home.The ONIL stove reduces wood consumption by 70%, resulting in  a long-term benefit to the environment and a better quality of life for families. Women who use the ONIL stove gain the equivalent of two days a week in time saved from gathering wood.

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Short-term mission opportunities

We would love for your church to bring a mission team to our area...

We have many needs for volunteers:

Construction teams

ESL Teams 

Prayer walk Teams

Swimming teachers

VBS Teams

Artist to help paint murals 

Teams stay in hotels in Coba and work in and around Chanchen 1  


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